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Poster / Nov 03, 2014

Improving the Aerodynamic Performance of Fluticasone Propionate Powders by Tuning Particle Size through Wet Polishing

AAPS 2014
The aerodynamic performance of a carrier-based inhalation powder is determined by the API physicochemical properties, formulation composition and process, device type and environmental variables, amongst other factors. The particle engineering technologies are used to target a defined particle size (PS) within the inhalation range, which can lead to different physicochemical properties that may impact the API formulation and product performance. In order to overcome some of the challenges observed in the jet milling (JM) approach, a new technology that has been gaining momentum as a pharmaceutical engineering technology was used: Wet Polishing (WP). This technology comprises the size-reduction of the API in a suspension followed by spray drying (SD). The purpose of this work was to investigate the influence of the PS on the physical properties and aerodynamic performance of two fluticasone propionate (FP) powders size reduced by WP.